As a photoboothME attendant you are above all expected to be punctual, well presented, appear pleasant/friendly/enthusiastic to help and of amazing assistance to guests on the night. You are the face of our business and our most important asset, most of our bookings come from repeat business so you are also the reason our business continues to do so well.


Punctuality is one of the most important things for a photo booth attendant. It’s someone special event and it’s not going to wait for you if you are late. If for any reason you aren't sure you are going to make it at least 15 minutes prior to the start time please call Rupert or whoever is on call for that day AS SOON AS YOU REALISE. Then please check in with them when you do arrive.

Unless otherwise instructed please dress appropriately for the occasion. Dress pants or knee length or longer skirt. A button up shirt is preferred for women (and necessary for men). Jeans are never appropriate for corporate events or weddings but are OK if they are dress jeans for a birthday party. If you’re not sure please ask what you should wear or send a photo to check with us that it is appropriate.


Your main role as an attendant is usually to help create an amazing guest book for the client. If there is no guest book then you need to focus your attention on the other aspects of attending. The guest books are normally inside the booth or the suitcase with the booth when you arrive.

  • Please try to ensure everyone places one copy of their photos in the guest book.

  • Show them the guest book, and let them know you will put the tabs on the strip and place it in the book whilst they sign (or do this before they sign).

  • When filling out the book, try to average 2-3 photos per page but 1 is OK if they write an essay and more is OK if it's the same people.

  • Start with the front facing pages first, and if you fill out all of them then continue to the back of those pages.

  • Keep an eye on the time, try your best to have the book at least full on the front pages by the end of the hire period even if that means 1 strip per page for a while. If the book is getting too full too soon then start compacting the entries where possible.

Our guest books are now delivered in paper guest book bags. In a guest book paper bag pack you will find

  • A guest book (makes sense right)

  • Two Silver pens for signing the guest book (if they are gold it’s because the client asked for them)

  • Two photo tab boxes. Please use the half used one first to finish it

  • One plastic bag for rubbish (typically we find it best to place the tab rubbish in a cup and transfer it to the rubbish bag at the end of the event)

  • Business cards

  • One fresh cardboard bag and a sticker. At the end of the event please place the album in this bag, fold it over with the sticker and give it to the client.


  • No drinks in the booth (we need to police this strictly, a beer/wine on the screen might mean the booth works fine for the rest of that function but the screen won't work the following day) Be strict about this and divulge the reasoning behind it. Anything lse goes in the booth as long as it doesn't damage it.

  • Greet everyone who uses the booth. Try and get to them before they jump in but if you are busy with other guests filling in the book or something be sure to greet them when they get out. Even if you only shout, welcome, don’t forget to wait for the flash.

  • Let guests know how the booths work. For the HD booths tell them to wait for the flash before changing pose. For the Bespoke booths tell them to wait until their image comes up on the screen before changing their pose. Tell them they’ll see themselves int he screen but that will dissapear and that they should be looking into the camera (or off into the distance or each others eyes or something like that if they don’t intend to). Because of the angles people looking at the screen look like they are looking at the ground.

  • Describe the process to people who might not be familiar with it (usually older guests). Show them a strip, that is has 4 photos on it, that the idea is that they can keep the strip and one goes into the guest book. Be helpful at all times.

  • Look after the props, try and tidy them up in the box and try and stop people pinching them.

  • Hand out business cards to people interested in hiring a booth. If theyask about prices tell them they are on the website but if they say they saw us at this event when they contact us we can usually do a special price for them.

  • Make sure all the guests respect both you and the booth. If you have any issues speak to a venue manager and/or the client and let us know. You can ask anyone to leave the booth if they are likely to damage it, please be polite but firm about it.

  • Make sure the area is safe for yourself and users of the booth.

  • Keep an eye on the quality of the photos. We shouldn’t see anything that isn’t meant to be in the photos. If it’s a curtain booth we want the background to be all curtain and zoom in if it isn’t. If it’s a backdrop booth we don’t want to see anything but the backdrop. If we can then move the backdrop accordingly or zoom in/out. People bump backdrops all the time so you might need to do this 20 times at an event. Also make sure the photos are in focus and the exposure is good. Photos should be nice and bright on the strips but not too bright. If you’re unsure just ask. Finally with respect to quality it seems that sometimes people touch or kiss the glass or lense and leave a smudge. Always check the pic pic single pics every so often to make sure there isn’t a blemish on the photos. Often this isn’t noticable on the strip but we have had one whole event where someone kissed the camera in the first 10 minutes and every photo after that was ruined by the smudge.


  • If the booth is off please turn it on.

  • Start up pic pic (unless paperwork asks not to)

  • Start up the slide show (only on HD booths)

  • Start photoboof7

  • Take appropriate test shots. Please at least use a prop so you can tell that the camera is focusing, the photos are well exposed and the printer is working.

  • Make sure the modem is on and charging

  • Make sure the side screen/slide show is working (HD booths only)

  • If you have an album get it out and ready

  • Get the props looking nice and neat. Make the boas, frames and glasses visible on the lid of the prop box, fluff up the hats.

  • Test that picpic social is working fine by emailing a photo to yourself.


photoboof7 is the software that our HD and Bespoke booths use. The software opens up in 3 windows. One is the ‘viewer screen’ which is what you see and has touch here for colour, black and white etc. The next one is the camera screen called ‘the big picture’ this is where you can adjust the camera settings. The final one is the main menu of the program called photoboof7.122421 or whatver version it is.

When opening boof7 the viewer will always be on top. You can get out of the viewer by pressing escape on the keyboard. Once you’re out of the viewer you’ll have the other two windows still open. If you’ve jumped out of the viewer on the HD booths please always close the other two windows too and reboot the program rather than pressing open viewer as sometimes this can open the viewer on the 2nd screen and that’s a big pain to fix. On the Bespoke booths click show viewer to open the viewer screen whenever you want.

The cameras should always have the following settings

  • Exposure Mode TV (this can only be changed on the camera)

  • ISO - Auto

  • White balance - Auto

  • Size/quality - Small 1 Normal.jpeg

The only setting that you should change at events is the exposure compensation. It’s a number between -3 and +3 and typically for our booths is set around +1 or so. If you find the photos too dark go to a higher number, if they’re too bright move down a notch. If you’re not sure ask us and we will check out the photos for you.

You can use the main window to change many things, but most of this is done by the setup team. The one thing you might want to find is going to file > launch reprinting utility. This will enable you to reprint photos from earlier in the event if you wish.


Picpic social is the software that runs out online albums as well as direct file sharing. Most events will ask for this to be available, even if they have not asked for social sharing it’s important to make sure pic pic social is on and working as it will be the online album that is shared with the clients. Due to an update with facebook picpic social is now only for emailing photos to the clients but we encourage them to then share them on their own social media.

For PicPic to work the following needs to happen

  • The server on the computer needs to be on. It needs to be logged into the correct event.

  • PicPic social needs to be open on the ipad and connected to the same network as the computer.

Picpic also creates a gif out of the images in each folder. We will have set up the event so that if there are 4 photos on a strip every 4 photos the software will turn the previous 4 photos into a gif. If there are 3 photos on a strip it will do this every 3 photos. It does this out of the ‘pics’ folder for which there is a shortcut to on the desktop. In order for this to work at the end of each session there needs to be a multiple of 4 (or 3) photos in the pics folder. So if you’ve deleted a pic (or in the case someone has started then ended a session, or the booth was unable to focus because nobody was in it during a session) then the gif’s won’t work and will contain photos from multiple sessions. If this happens please just copy and paste any image in the ‘pics’ folder on the computer to bring it back to a multiple of 4 (or 3) and the next gif should be perfect.


  • Please copy all the photos out of the ‘pics’ and ‘strips’ folder on the desktop into the event folder. The event folder is normally names YYMMDDXXXXXXXX where YY is year (18 for 2018) MM is month (11 for November) and DD is the day (23 for the 23rd) and XXXXXXX is the event name. Just whatever is going to identify the event like the company name, bride or clients name is fine and it should already be made on the desktop for you.

  • Please choose an appropriate photo from the event on pic pic as the thumbnail and publish the event. (you can do this at any time. For a birthday or a wedding please put a photo of the client as the thumbnail if you have a good one, otherwise any other good photo will do).

  • Please put the pens, unused tabs, business cards back into the paper bag and place it in the booth

  • Please count the props and pack them away nicely

  • Please put the ipad on charge or in the black ipad/camera case inside the booth

  • Turn the booth off and fill out your end of shift report.