If you have gotten as far as reading this then congratulations. Not only have you chosen an amazing venue in Pier One for your reception but you also have a Musiq Entertainment DJ for your reception.

What you get included is absolutely everything that most people need from a DJ package for their reception;

  • DJ for the entire duration

  • DJ console

  • PA system and wireless microphone suitable for your room (in Water this is provided by Fairchild AV and in the other rooms we provide the PA and Wireless microphone.

Of course some clients might want to add some things to the package, common items that get added to packages include;

  • Having your DJ also act as MC for your reception. This is $350 for an experienced MC and includes meeting with them prior to the reception to discuss your requirements.

  • Extra hours for music during the ceremony. Please enquire with us about this as sometimes we need extra speakers, etc.

  • Additional AV. If you need to plug in some performers, need additional microphone we can organise some additional AV for you.

Just before we get stuck into helping you select your music we would also like to mention that as well as awesome DJs, Musiq Entertainment also supply Sydney's best photo booths for hire at weddings and events. We call it photoboothME and all Pier One clients receive any of our photo booth hires for 5 hours at the price of 3. You can check out our website by clicking the link below;



Ok now to help you select your music. We have a whole section of our website devoted to helping your make sure the music at your wedding is as much of a hit as your dress and suit. Please click the link below to head to this site, download and fill out your request form and remember to get it back to us 3 weeks before your wedding reception.

Music Entertainment Wedding Request Resources

Happy wedding planning (especially choosing the music)

The Musiq Entertainment Team.

Remember you can contact us at any time on 0401 193 231 or info@musiq.com.au