Wedding DJ Request Form

This blog post is all about the Musiq Entertainment Wedding Request Form.

Download a copy of the form here for .doc format and here for .pdf format.

This document is the way that you communicate your requirements to us for your wedding reception and hence needs to contain all the information that you wish to communicate to us. We will assign your DJ based on the information you provide us and then your DJ will use this to prepare for the night and finally to refer to on the night.

The request form is a one page .doc document that you download from our website but often by the time you add everything to it we might end up with a 3 or 4 page document. This is totally fine. Feel free to edit it in any way you like to communicate your requirements. Often clients will add extra space for requests, reception schedules and other information.

It is important that you get this document filled out and returned to use at least 3 weeks prior to your wedding in order give us enough time to assign your DJ and for them to prepare the music for your reception.

We will be adding a series of blog posts that will help you understand and complete the form in the coming days but of course if you do have any questions at any time please contact our DJ coordinator Andrew or 0410 378 036 if you have any questions.

We hope you enjpy selecting your songs for your reception and of course eventually hearing them on the day.

The Musiq Entertainment Team