This page is dedicated to helping you communicate your requirements for your wedding reception to us. We hope you find what you need here, but if you don't please contact us on 0401 193 231 or

The Musiq Entertainment Wedding Request Form.

This document is the way that you communicate your requirements to us for your wedding reception and hence needs to contain all the information that you wish to communicate to us. We will assign your DJ based on the information you provide us and then your DJ will use this to prepare for the night and finally to refer to on the night.

Download a copy of the form here for .doc format and here for .pdf format.

The request form is a one page .doc document that you download from our website but often by the time you add everything to it we might end up with a 3 or 4 page document. This is totally fine. Feel free to edit it in any way you like to communicate your requirements. Often clients will add extra space for requests, reception schedules and other information.

It is important that you get this document filled out and returned to use at least 3 weeks prior to your wedding in order give us enough time to assign your DJ and for them to prepare the music for your reception. Once the DJ is assigned and they have prepared themselves we will touch base with you a couple of days before your wedding. Of course if you need to make 1 or 2 changes after this point in time you can let us know at any time.

We are more than happy to attempt to source any song that you would like played at your reception so don't limit yourself when selecting your music. Sometimes with cultural music, rarities, remix's and the like we might ask you to provide some of the music or offer alternatives. We'll let you know if we need you to provide any of the songs you have requested when the DJ has had the chance to prepare the music.  You can provide the music in mp3 format with the recommended method being to send us a dropbox link to your uploaded tracks prior to your reception that way it is with your DJ before the wedding day and it's one less thing to worry about on the day. Please note we can organise to play audio CD's as well if we receive it prior to the night however not all of our DJs have CD drives in their computers so we can't play them if given to us on the night.

If you already know the songs you want to request, and are confident filling out the form it's time to go for it. However for a little further reading on the different sections of the form, a description of what happens and some popular songs often selected for each section please continue on using the links below. Click on the appropriate examples;

Wedding Request Form In Detail

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 - First, 2nd & 3rd- dance discussion

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 - Last Dance & Farewells - discussion and examples.

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 - Musiq Entertainment Request Taking Policies/Discussion

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