Musiq entertainment request taking policies

As a general rule all Musiq Entertainment DJ's welcome requests from your guests on the night unless you have selected 'NO' on your request form or the song is listed in the "please do not play under any circumstances" section of the form.

When taking a request from a guest we do of course consider a few things;

 - Was the request appropriate/does it fit in with the music already chosen?

- Do we have the song? Obviously if we don't we can't play it?

- Will people dance or enjoy this song?

- Was the person asking for the request polite and friendly?

If we can answer yes to all the questions, and we usually can, we will do our best to play the song when the time comes. If we don't have the song or don't think it will work then we will usually politely ask that the guest request a more popular or appropriate song.

what about the 'music not to be played' section of the form?

You don't need to list every song that you don't want played here. Just the songs that we might play if we are not told otherwise. For example if your request form is totally devoid of "Classical Music", "Country Music" or "Death Metal" then you can be assured that we won't play Mozart, Keith Urban or Cannibal Corpse songs at your wedding. However if you had selected some Michael Jackson songs but you had a pet hate for Billy Ocean you might want to ask us not to play any Billy Ocean songs.

The songs that we get asked not to play most of the time are formation dances such as Nutbush, Bustop, Macarena, Gangnam Style etc. You can just put "formation dancing" on the request form and the DJ will know what you mean.

what if i select no requests on the request form?

If you have selected "NO" on the section of the request form where it asks if we can take requests from guests we won't take any requests from your guests unless the song is already on the list of music that you have asked for. Your DJ will also do their best in the conversation to prevent your guest from coming up to you at your wedding reception and bugging you as to why they can't have their favourite song played.

appropriateness of swearing and sexual references in music.

We believe it is not up to our DJ to judge what you deem appropriate to be played at your wedding. As a general rule we will judge the level or swearing/sexual references etc by the songs you have already requested on your form.

Most people keep the love songs to the formalties and are happy for other songs to be played for the general dancing section. If you take for example one of the most popular songs to dance to by people of all ages "Billie Jean" by Michael Jackson. It's not the most romantic tune but most people wouldn't mind or even would insist it gets played at their reception.

If however you feel strongly about having your wedding music censored please let us know on the form somewhere either in the "music not to be played" section or in the other notes section. 




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