This is typically the songs that you would think of when you first start organising the music for your reception. Your first dance is likely also the most important song for you on the night as well. Please note that we just said YOU. Don't choose a song because it is popular, fast, slow or a stupid website (not this one of course) said you should. Choose the song because it means something to the two of you.

YouTube has made it popular to choreograph an amazing dance routine to a medley of songs. If this is you we'd love to help you out by playing your special mix. If you are shy and only want to dance to the first 30 seconds of a slow song and 'hold and sway' for that period of time we'd love to play that song to. Do exactly what you feel comfortable doing and what feels right for you.


The dancing at most wedding reception starts with just the bride and groom dancing, and follows on with the bridal party and/or families being welcomed to the dance floor by the MC at some stage and then finally the remainder of the plebs err 'remaining guests.'

Whether you want to do these introductions at the start of the 2nd dance for bridal party and 3rd dance for everyone else or if you want to eventually have everyone on the dance floor by the end of your first dance we find that you might want to specifically select the 2nd and 3rd song that the DJ plays at this time.

As with any section of the request form if you are happy for the DJ to choose the 2nd and 3rd song just place "DJs Choice" in the relevant cell.


Please click here and remember choose the song because you love it not because it's on our list.


Often for the third dance couple would choose a song that is fast enough for those lonely single folk to get up and dance to but also slow or appropriate enough for those aunties and uncles to dance to. Some great 3rd dance songs even start slow and end fast. This always leads into the dance music well. Some examples of these types of songs are;

All Night Long - Lionel Ritchie

I Can't Take My Eyes Off You - Frankie Vallie ...

Moondance (Van Morrison or Michael Buble)

I Wanna Dance With Some Body - Whitney Houston

Don't Stop Till You Get Enough - Michael Jackson

Al Green - Let's Stay Together

Your Love Keeps Lifting Me Higher and Higher - Jackie Wilson

Brown Eyed Girl - Van Morrison


Often a bride would like to make a special point of dancing with her Father. This can be done at any time of the night, but typically is done either just before the first dance with the groom, just after the first dance with the groom or as the last dance of the evening. The same can be said for the groom dancing with his Mother, sometimes the groom will just join the dance floor with Mum in hand half way through a Father Daughter Dance. Whatever it is that you want to do please just make a note of it on your request form for us and obviously choose that song as you would any other song. In the instances mentioned above you would just edit the form so that "1st Dance" would become "1st Dance - Father Daughter".

The most important part of selecting a dance with your parent(s) is to let the MC and DJ know when and how it is happening. Will you be doing the whole song just the two of you or will you just grab your Dad to dance with him whilst everyone else is on the dance floor? Will you do the whole song or just part of it? As mentioned above of course let us know when as well.

Some popular Father Daughter Dances Are;

Isn't She Lovely - Stevie Wonder

Butterly Kisses - Bob Carlisle

I Loved Her First - Heatland

Daddy's Little Angel - Shawn Carter

Daughters - John Mayer

Daddy - Beyonce

The Way You Look Tonight - Frank Sinatra/Michael Buble

My Girl - The Temptations

I Can't Help Myself - The Four Tops



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