Congratulations, if you have gotten this far you have booked a formal at the awesome WatervieW convention centre and you have one of our DJs (and possible a photo booth) included in your package.

If you have a DJ included you get the following;

  • DJ for the entire duration
  • DJ console
  • Wireless microphone (for speeches and other announcements)
  • PA system suitable for your room.

If you also have a photo booth included you get the following as well;

  • Delivery, setup and packdown of one of our traditional photo booths.
  • Unlimited photos for the duration of the formal.
  • A digital copy of all the photos after the event.

If you haven't had a photo booth included (it's only part of the early bird package) never fear we can offer you an amazingly cheap rate for the booth (from $600).

Of course some clients might want to add some things to the package, common items that get added to packages include;

  • An additional wireless microphone. The 2nd microphone is $75 delivered and set up. If you need more, then we need to add a band mixer as well.
  • Band mixer. If you need to plug in some performers or need some effects on the microphone we can organise a band mixer for you. This is $100 for the night set up with the PA system. Please note this is not including your instrument leads or of course a sound engineer.
  • Prop Box. $50 - Full on fun novelty glasses, feather boas, hats etc.
  • Customised Logo -It's free if you create one. Check out this link
  • Upgrade to our HD photo booths. $250 Adding an attendant, slide show on a side screen and social media kiosk.


In terms of the music that your DJ will play on the night. It is typically a mix of popular background and dance tunes and most importantly taking requests from guests on the night. We usually recommend this method as the DJ can play music that the actual guests are wanting on the night.

However if you do have any requests or instructions prior to the night for our DJs. You can send the list through to our DJ coordinator James at least two weeks prior to and we will make sure the DJ is suitably prepared.

We also have some commonly selected songs/genres to look through here;

Please also note that if you want the music to be censored for any reason (explicit language, sexual references or anything else) please either let us or the DJ on the night know. We are more than happy to oblige. We may ask you a few questions as to how much censoring you might require.

If you have any questions at all don't hesitate to contact us (details below) at any time.

All the best preparing for what will certainly be a special night.

The Musiq Entertainment Team.

Remember you can contact us at any time on 0401 193 231 or email Fiona (Tue-Thu) or Rupert (Mon, Wed, Fri).